Sterilization Service

Health Care Related Infections (Hospital Infections) are one of the most important elements of patient safety. These infections, of which millions of people are affected by every year, lead to serious mortality and financial losses together with antibiotic resistance.

Surgical site infections are second or third among the health care related infections. Disinfection/sterilization of medical instruments and devices is defined as one of the important parameters for the prevention of both health care related infections and surgical site infections.

Sterilization of surgical instruments is an important procedure that required responsibility in every health institution. The sterility assurance of a surgical instrument is not something visible by the human eye. This can be assured if the sterilization process steps are made in accordance with the quality standards.

It is of great importance that the stages of delivery, transporting, decontamination, packaging, sterilization, storage and return of the material that is described as qualified sterilization process are completely monitored within the system. EOS Hijyen guarantees the quality in the process from the receipt to the delivery of the material with its special and continuously trained personnel.

Main principles of our team in all our works carried out in these processes are;

  • Customer satisfaction
  • Patient and employee safety
  • Risk assessment
  • Follow-up on customer requirements
  • Working in compliance with current national and international guidelines
  • Continuous process improvement
  • Cost effective working
  • Monitorization and Reporting

Our Central Sterilization Unit services, which we carry out to cover all these activities, are certified by MEDCER according to EN ISO 13485:2016.

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